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Spa Origins International Co., Ltd

was established in July 2013, and commenced trading in January 2014.

Fundamental to our approach is our belief that business more than just making money. It’s about building a network, building your own brand, educating your customer and encouraging their loyalty. We seek to facilitate this by providing ‘something different’ in the market.

We understand the competitive nature of business and the need to be flexible and innovative in order to appease ever changing customer demands, especially in the spa and wellness industry where consumers are becoming increasing knowledgeable. We do not seek to compete in the mainstream market, but to provide items which are niche market, where quality, innovation and brand awareness reign supreme.

Our initial offering was the innovative Swiss formulated, After Sun Soothing Spray for which we hold global distribution rights. We will selectively and progressively expand the range of products and equipment that we offer in line with our Mission Statement. For a list of all products and brands currently available, visit our Products page at www.spaorigins-international.com

Our Vision :

To be the leading distributor of niche market products to the spa, wellness & health care industries

Our Mission :

To selectively source innovative, premium brand, quality and niche market products from around the world and supply to professional trade persons and retailers for the spa, wellness or health care industries.

Contact Us

Spa Origins International
10/167 The Trendy Office,
Floor 20A, Unit 20A02A
Sukhumvit Soi 13,
Bangkok – 10110

+66 (0) 8 1170 0780
On Monday – Friday 9.00 am – 18.00 pm
Email : info@spaorigins-international.com